Irina Glik | "Hot Air Balloon"




Jane Alt | "Drawn from the Sea"

This piece was created with saltwater from the Norwegian fjords, bleach,

thread and Fabriano paper.



Andrey Fokin | "Moscow Hitrovka"

This is a cyanotype print on watercolor paper, green tea toned.




Pat Brown | "Sweetheart Lace"

This is a 30" x 22" sun-printed cyanotype on paper.


Amy Jasek | "Family Tree"

This is a photogram made in two parts: first, my parents, my daughter, and I made a photograph of our hands and forearms on a piece of cotton fabric. Then, I re-coated the fabric and exposed some botanical materials from my garden. We made this as part of my birthday in 2017, but really it was inspired by our love for one another and our connection to each other as a family.



Ingrid Lundquist | "Tacit Bond"

My first cyanotype using manmade rigid, partially transparent objects. These are salt and pepper shakers. The cyanotype reveals a look inside the celebration of union… a tacit bond, a fusion of spirit.



Natalia Tcherniak | "Rite of Spring"

6"x6" cyanotype on birch wood panel, using digital negative, comprised of two overlaid images. Inspired by Stravinsky's ballet "Rite of the Spring" in celebration of coming spring and sacrifices made for the new cycle of life.



Geertjan Plooijer | "Survive"

Print of a negative.



Paula Riff | "Because of Sunflowers" @2018

Color Gum Bichromate over Cyanotype Print, Photogram



Iris Paris Martin | "Water Nest"

This work is part of my collection of Botanical Cyanotypes. They are made on paper (22"x30"). I use the vegetation directly to build my compositions, some being close to the sculpture because of its three-dimensionality.

These volumes help me to create spaces, depths and tonal qualities more typical of the use of phytoliths. Always looking for the limit of the technique.

All the works are unique and original.



Vicki Reed | "Thanksgiving"

This is part of my "Dinner Plate Memories Series", combining vintage and recent family photos with the cyanotype process. I created a placemat by putting my parents' table setting on cyanotype fabric and exposing it to sunlight. After it was developed and dried I transferred a family photo into the plate area of the fabric. This series is part of a larger body of work, "What We Leave Behind", related to my parents' dementia/Alzheimer's and leaving things behind when they moved into a care facility.



Angela Johnson | Untitled



Shari Trennert | Untitled



Donna Moore | Untitled




db Waltrip | "Piece O' Cake"

This is a collage of cyanotype photograms exposed on cotton fabric, mounted on a vintage tablecloth & embellished with embroidery thread.




Valerie Cargo | "Mardi Gras"

This is spicy Cy's, wet into wet cyanotype using diluted vinegar and water and an ever-changing lineup of spices.


DorRae Stevens | "Winter"

This is a double-exposed, nature photogram. I find it important to celebrate the seasons as they pass. The gathering here are winter grasses and dying fall blooms. We must search for beauty, even in our bleak season, and we will find it.


Ky Lewis | "Allium Rising"

Cyanotype on Bockingford, a celebration of the power of the natural world and natural selection. Part of a larger body of work called "Common Ground". All work direct from source and on site.



Ronald Butler | "Tango"

This image was taken with a reversed lens Brownie Hawkeye camera. I made an enlarged digital negative and printed it as a cyanotype on Birch veneer.



Ralph Wilson | "The Bridesmaids"

Traditional formula cyanotype from a digital negative of scanned film printed on a vintage songbook page.



Peggy Hartzell | "Wonder"

This piece spans the worlds between the 1800s and today's digital world. The bird is from an iPhone photo taken early New Years Day 2018. Ferns from my home, snowdrop from the woods and lace from my great-great grandmother circa mid 1800s and perhaps a little bit of Lewis Carroll thrown into the image. Sir John in the Universe and Anna in the garden.



Kimberly Chiaris | "Bloom"

Cyanotype on 100% Cotton with Gold Silk Embroidery.



Linda Clark Johnson | "Flying Dream"

This piece is cyanotype & watercolor and is 29.5" x 41".



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