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World Cyanotype Day 2023 Online Exhibition



The short & sweet version:

1.  Join the World Cyanotype Day Facebook Group.  

2.  Prepare files as instructed below.  Please read all instructions.

3.  Email entry to (NOT before August 1, 2023 please.)

4.  Be sure to put “INHERITANCE” in the SUBJECT LINE.

5.  Please include your image as an attachment to the email.  Please do NOT embed your image in the body of your email.


Our online exhibit of cyanotypes is open to all members of the World Cyanotype Day Facebook group.  To join the group, click here.


General Guidelines…


ELIGIBILITY: WCD online exhibitions are open to all members of "World Cyanotype Day" Facebook group. Membership in the WCD Facebook group is required.  Images must involve the cyanotype process in at least part of the process or product. Creativity is encouraged. Only one entry per member, per show, please.


THEME: The theme for World Cyanotype Day 2023 is “INHERITANCE”.  


IMAGE SIZE: 72 dpi, 1200 px on the long side, sRGB, File size must be under 2MB


IMAGE FORMAT: Save as .jpg


FILE NAMING: lastname_firstname_title.jpg Please do not use symbols or spaces in the file name.

>>>>>Example: Waltrip_db_Bluebird_On_My_Shoulder.jpg


SUBMIT: Open for submissions August 1, 2023.  Email your entry to Type “INHERITANCE” in the subject line.

Teachers may submit one image personally, and one per student. (Teachers - please send each entry in a separate email.)


In the body of the email, please include the following information in the order is it listed below.  Please adhere to this format exactly:


  1. Your name as you’d like it to appear in the online gallery.

  2. Your Facebook profile name under which you joined the WCD Facebook group. (For verification only.)

  3. YOUR LOCATION. (We'd really like to know where you're from!)

  4. The title of your piece in quotation marks.

  5. A link to your website or other social media account.

  6. A brief description of   your process or inspiration.

  7. Please include your image as an attachment to the email.  Please do not embed the image in the body of the email.  Please do not send a link to a third party file sharing service.



  1. Name:            db Waltrip

  2. FB Profile:     db Dennis Waltrip

  3. Location:       Pensacola, FL

  4. Title:               “Bluebird On My Shoulder”

  5. Contact:

  6. Description:  This piece is a collage of cyanotype photograms on cotton fabric, hand stitched to a re-purposed vintage tablecloth.



OPEN for submissions AUGUST 1, 2023.  Please do not send your entry before August 1, 2023.


DEADLINE: OCTOBER 7, 2023. Submissions received after the deadline will not be published.




SALES: WCD does not handle sales or communication of any kind between audience and artists, therefore it is important that you include your website or contact information for potential customers.


COPYRIGHT: By submitting to Calls for Entry you guarantee that you are the creator of the work submitted. The artist retains all copyrights and grants permission for any work published on WCD or our Facebook page to be used for educational & promotional purposes.


DISCLAIMER: While we recognize that nudes can be works of art, we  respectfully request that participants NOT submit nudes to WCD exhibitions.     Because of the educational nature of WCD website and our Facebook group,  we expect that children may be a part of our online audience. WCD has the right to deny any entry deemed inappropriate.

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