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A beautiful selection of images from around the globe in celebration of World Cyanotype Day 2023.

Artist: Lee-Anne Wise

Location: Denver, Colorado

Title: "Her Trousseau"

IG: @leeannewise_art

Description: This is a mixed media collage using cyanotypes, encaustic paints, monoprints, and ephemera on a cradled wood panel.


Artist: Bonnie O App

Location: Lakewood, Ohio

Title: “Looking Back” Contact:

Description: I photographed my dad's 1930s Jiffy Kodak Six-16, Twindar Lens camera and leather case from which I generated a negative that was used to create this cyanotype photogram on which I spot toned with coffee.


Artist: Trish Burns

Location: San Leandro, California, USA

Title: “Our Lady

Description: This was a picture taken from a painting on the side of a building in Elkhorn Wisconsin USA of the Statue of LIberty. I used the negative to make a cyanotype on Halnemuhle Platinum Rag.


Artist: Eleanor Buffam

Location: Edinburgh, Scotland

Title: “Kaleidoscope Eyes I”

Contact: Description: Cyanotype on linen with acrylic paint, stretched on canvas stretchers.


Artist: Viviane Neves

Location: Brasília, Brazil

Title: "afro braids"

Description: Brazilian samba singer and her braids. cyanotype in cotton fabric.


Artist: Kat Jernigan

Location: Mobile, Alabama

Title: "Legacy"


Description: This piece was made using multiple ortho litho negatives. I then sewed the separate cyanotypes together with red thread and left my handprint in red ink.


Artist: Amy Heller

Location: Orleans, MA, Cape Cod, USA

Title: “Like Mother, Like Daughter”


FB: amy.heller.9659

IG: @amyhellerartist

Description: LED mixed-media cyanotype on silk. Inspiration: This image is a selfie (by my bookshelves) and a studio portrait of my mother, Adele R. Heller, when she was 18 years old, which was a very bold thing for a young woman to do by herself in the 1940s. My mother wrote several books about Provincetown and I co-authored and photographed a book several years ago called “Lost and Found: Time, Tide, and Treasures” about Provincetown artists and their beachcombing collections. My mother passed away in 1997, but she continues to inspire me everyday. My inheritance: I am my mother’s daughter.


Artist: Prue Hobbs

Location: Mildura, Victoria, Australia

Title: ”Mallee Birds #2"

Description: This piece is printed on cotton rag paper prepared, exposed and fixed at home using a solution that was left over from a project 12 months previous. I've used local flora, local salt and hand-cut stencils. The silhouettes are of myself, a clawfoot bath and the bird torso is a local native to the region in which I live, the mallee fowl, for an exposure time of approximately 5 minutes.


Artist: Lorna Bramwells

Location: Epsom, UK

Title: “Inheritance / Inhareritance “

IG: @lornabramwells


Artist: Michelle Bolger

Location: Wellington, New Zealand

Title: “The Ties that Bind”

Description: This work is a cyanotype on paper of overlapping rubber bands, symbolising our connection to our heritage.


Artist: Carol Esch

Location: New Jersey USA

Title: “Miracles Can Happen”

IG: @Carol Esch

FB: Carol esch


Artist: Valerie Burke

Location: Fort Collins, CO

Title: "Night Blooming Cereus"

IG: @pinholeburke


Artist: Jo Thomson

Location: Mono, Ontario, CANADA

Title: ‘Gift from the Grouse’


Description: This piece is a 12x18” cyanotype photogram, on watercolour paper, made using foraged feathers from a Ruffled Grouse.


Artist: Rozenn Dupré

Location: Nantes, France

Title: “Toukenn”

Description: The object used is the Breton lace headdress my great grandmother used to wear every day in the early 1900s. She embroidered it herself in the center. The paper size is 95 x 33 cm (37.4 x 13 in).


Artist: Buse Kızılırmak

Location: Turkey, Niğde

Title: Past History

FB: busekizilirmak


Artist: Gill Harrison

Location: Guernsey, Channel Islands

Title: ”Circle of Life”

FB and IG @gillharrisonart Description: Poppies sprung up everywhere after we cleared a bank. Cyanotype on Hahnemuhle Sumi paper. The seed head had to rest on top of the glass, which I like as it adds another dimension. And I love the movement the seeds give!


Artist: Tommy Scott

Location: Cocoa, FL

Title: “Skylar” Contact: Description: This piece is a collage of cyanotype photograms on multimedia paper inspired by one of my childhood friends named, Skylar. I wanted to capture her presence.


Artist: Peter Jarman

Title: “Gift of the Light”

Description: Traditional Formula, spot bleached and toned in Green Tea.


Artist: Sarah Ketelaars

Location: Brighton, UK

Title: '93/544’

IG: @sarahketelaars

Description: This ongoing project is a memorial to 544 psychiatric patients murdered by the Nazis in 1941 in Latvia. Eventually there will one for each man, woman and child killed.

My grandmother was working at the hospital from where the patients were taken. I have visited the hospital and found that although the story is known no memorial exists. The only official record seems to be a short paragraph in the Nuremberg report. So far I have found no record of the names.

Using a historic photographic process feels fitting for a project examining a historical event. The addition of an ancient pagan Latvian folk symbol drawn on by hand in gold adds an element of gesture to each piece.

It is impossible to look at these images without thinking about how the lives of these people ended. However, the project is primarily intended as a memorial and I wanted the images to hint at some more celebratory moments, to remember the lives lived before these people entered the hospital; before they died. The project is the second in a trilogy looking at my family history, examining themes of cultural inheritance, identity and intergenerational trauma.

Not knowing anything about the the identities of the dead, I have tried to imagine each one as a unique, precious being, and give each back a little of the character stripped from them when they were murdered and reduced by history to a number on a list of nameless victims.


Artist: Pablo Tesoriere

Location: Buenos Aires, Argentina

Title: “Selfportrait” Contact: Description: Cyanotype on cotton paper.


Artist: Denis Stosic


Title: "JO"

FB: denis.stosic

IG: @denisstosic_fotografika

Description: I took a portrait of my friend Josipa - or shorter "JO" during business portrait session with DSLR. After official shooting, I did some private shots for her. Her eyes and hair and overall look reminded me to old photographs. So I did a digital negative and printed it on paper.


Artist: Pat Wood

Location: Scotland, United Kingdom

Title: "Collodion Days"

Description: Direct contact Classic Cyanotype on paper using Collodion glass plates I inherited. I am unsure whether the one on the right was always like this, or is the result of the passing of time.


Artist: Kimberly D Moody

Location: Mobile, AL

Title: “Jewelry

FB: kddmoody

Description: This piece is a cyanotype image of jewelry of days past on watercolor paper.


Artist: Karen Browett

Location: Dublin, Ireland

Title: "Pop's Hanky"

IG: @karen_browett

Description: My granda Pop printed on his neatly folded hanky that I found clearing out their house and quietly put in my pocket. Photo reference taken from him playing monsters with us, wearing a hanky over his face and making funny noises. He was a cartoonist and he always had the best games that he made up when we would visit. I love having this memento of him.


Artist: Katsuhiko Inagaki

Location: Asahikawa, Hokkaido, Japan

Title: "Transportation"

FB: Katsuhiko.inagaki.3

Description: A man carrying the sleigh with his purchased items. Classic cyanotype on watercolor paper, made from a black and white film image.


Artist: Brenna Schreiber


Title: “Underneath”

Contact: FB: brenna.schreiber.5


Artist: Muscat Cedric

Location: Brussels, Belgium

Title: “Offered Literature”


Artist: Lisa Gegare

Location: Green Bay, WI

Title: “Grandparents” IG: @lisagegare Description: Vintage wedding photo of my grandparents printed on a paper doily.


Artist: Ágnes Gréta Erdélyi


Title: “Her Crochet”

FB: agnesgretaerdelyi


Artist: Carolina Gutiérrez

Location: Buenos Aires, Argentina

Title: “The other half (La otra mitad)” Contact:

IG: @carogutierrezfoto Description: Cyanotype photography of my grandparents on a piece of tile, porcelanato of the floor.


Artist: Ronald D. Butler

Location: New York, NY

Title: "Measured By Heart / Helen's Biscuits"

Description: Momma never wrote out a recipe, or could tell you how to do it. She had to show you. One day, a few years before she died, I sat down with her and wrote out everything she did for all my favorite recipes, including her reknowned, yet simple, biscuits. With each batch, she lives on. Cyanotype made with a digital negative and leaves on cotton cloth soaked in A/B solution from Bostick & Sullivan.


Artist: Jennie Hollier

Location: Desford, Leicestershire, United Kingdom

Title: “Inheritance”

IG: @jhollierart

Description: Cyanotype on paper, digital negative, contact print, bleached & tea toned.


Continued. Please see Inheritance Part 2.

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1 Comment

Ra Harris
Ra Harris
Oct 18, 2023

Wonderfully creative selection - this is an extraordinary international project. Well done to all. Ray Harris

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