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More beautiful images in celebration of World Cyanotype Day 2023.

Artist: Charmaine Boggs

Location: Dayton, Ohio USA

Title: "Moje Polskie Babcie" (My Polish Grandmothers)

IG: @cboggsart

Description: This mixed media piece features cyanotype images from original family photographs. The two main images are of my maternal grandmother and great-grandmother. If you look closely, you'll see a "ghost image" of my paternal grandmother in the background. She wanted to be represented, too!


Artist: Angela Silva

Location: Negros Occidental, Philippines

Title: “money isn’t everything”

Description: Cyanotype print on rice paper with acrylic and ink, collaged on canvas.


Artist: Jamie Paratore

Location: Santa Cruz, CA

Title: “Flowers in December”

IG: @jamieparatorephoto

Description: wet cyanotype


Artist: Gery OTH

Location: Luxembourg- Europe

Title: “Flow


Description: The Cyano is done on yellow paper Fabriano, 21x21 cm.


Artist: Anne Jackson

Location: Geigertown, PA

Title: "Julia's Wedding Flags"

FB: anne.jackson.333

Description: This photograph shows 9 cyanotype-on-cotton-fabric flags, each 12" x 9"-ish, of the 40 similar flags that I made for my nieces's wedding environment in 2019 ... Most portray something about my niece's and her soon-to-be husband's lives; others are decorative ...


Artist: Peter Britton

Location: Porthcawl, South Wales, UK

Title: "E F F L O R E S C E"

Description: Entitled 'E F F L O R E S C E’, this photographic series is a visual, photographic and artistic interpretation of the importance of flowers for providing people with a sense of well-being and happiness. The cyanolillies are created by layering watercolour paper with cyanotype light sensitive solution, and then exposing them to light through layers of water and salt crystals. Using an origami technique, the paper is then moulded by hand into the shape of a lily, cyanotype green leaves are attached and it is mounted on a branch.


Artist: Ju Bezerra de Mello

Location: From Brazil living in Lyon, France

Title: “All the memories you left”



IG: @cyan.ita

Description: I’ve lost my mom last December and I found this two identity photographs of me and her maybe at an approximated age and we look alike pretty much on that, thought about the physical heritage and started to think what was the most important thing left from her in/for me… and despite all the material things the memories (symbolized by the Ginko flowers) are what is in/with me all the time and this transcendental connection, this wonderful heritage is symbolized by the mandala flower and the embroidery link stitch. This piece is a collage of digital negatives, flowers, hand stitched and drawing on cotton fabric.


Artist: Marloes Duyker

Location: The Netherlands


Artist: Lesley Treloar ARPS

Location: Cornwall, UK

Title: "Rabari Tribal Inheritance"

Description: This is a traditional cyanotype print made from an acetate negative from a photograph of a beautiful Rabari elder who I met on my Indian travels. It is printed on Hahnemuhle Sumi-e 80g natural white paper.


Artist: Thales Lima

Location: Brasília-DF - Brasil

Title: “Legado Musical”

IG: @lafa.unb


Artist: Emily Relf

Location: Las Vegas, NV

Title: "Meta and Max"

IG: @vegascyanotype

Description: For this piece, I used my family's ancestral photo album as a starting point. My father scanned the images of our ancestors for me, which I used to create my digital negatives. I printed them on Arches cold pressed watercolor paper using a UV light. Cyanotype was the perfect medium to explore the people from my past in the only images we have of them.


Artist: Dalene Marais

Location: South Africa, Gauteng, Johannesburg, Chartwell north

Title: "Pegasus in the rose garden"

Contact: IG: @Magdal578

Description: The mythical horse Pegasus, my Inheritance theme, had been inspired through a continuous link with world myths and mythology. Pegasus manifests as a symbol of spiritual outreach, connectiveness and mysterious contact with soul mates.

The cyanotype had been created on taupe coloured, thin textile.

Templates, cut outs and stencils as well as dried roses from my garden had been used to create the image. The cyanotypes on the taupe coloured textile rendered interesting details.

The textile had been exposed to sunlight compressed between glass. Temperatures into the 30 degrees C and UV 11 high. Preferably use the natural UV from sunshine and

hand-cut stencils and hand selected materials to create cyanotypes.


Artist: Gisella Sorrentino

Location: Brooklyn, NY

Title: "Vignanello Reimagined"

Description: This Cyanotype was printed from a double exposure negative taken by a 6x7 camera. The image represents a small village in Italy, Vignanello, where I sometimes spent my childhood.

Since I became a mother, I have been travelling with my kids back to Italy during the Summer re-exploring places that belong to my childhood. Since time has passed, my way of looking at them has naturally changed. In part because I’m now older and, in part, because I’ve been living in a different country.

Last Summer, I was fascinated by the dynamic aesthetic of many of the ancient villages erected on hilltops. Their shape seems to create an imaginary spiral. The rock at their base blends into their buildings. Symmetry and asymmetry play a harmonious game. This image was not only an experiment playing upon their aesthetic, but a way to unravel my memory.


Artist: Carolyn S. Knorr

Location: Middleton, WI

Title: “Land: An Inheritance”


Artist: Antonio Biancho

Location: Brazil; Brasília, DF.

Title: “Beret Dad Cap”

IG: @antoniobiancho

Description: This piece is a cyanotype on cotton fabric. The image was made from a selfie and refers to the clothing accessories as affective memories.


Artist Thiago Brandão

Location: Valparaíso de Goiás - GO

Title: Nostalgia Afetuosa

IG: @tihh_brandao

Description: Fotografia revelada em cianotipia, em tecido tricoline branco, fotografia de infância.


Artist: Claudia Rippee

Location: Manchester, NH

Title: “From Seed”

Contact: IG @eyeclaud

Description: From a series shot on 5x7 film featuring vegetable and fruit portraits inspired by Edward Weston.


Artist: Jenn Brooke Wasserman

Location: Louisiana, USA

Title: “Grandma’s Recipes”

Instagram: @jennbrookephoto

Description: Inspiration was to create a digital double exposure using my grandmother’s handwritten recipe cards, frame and print are my handprinted cyanotype prints.


Artist: Susan Buchanan

Location: Sydney, Australia

Title: “A Rather Lovely One”

Description: After my Mother's death, I remember so clearly being asked by the funeral director for her favourite perfume. I rummaged around and dissatisfied with the available choices, grabbed one and handed it over. Some weeks later, having collected all her things and not yet ready to let go of them, I had placed them in the spare bedroom. Then it came to me: her perfume didn't consist of one bottled essence but a potpourri of scents from hand cream, perfume and make up and it was wafting through the house from that spare bedroom. To write that it was comforting is an understatement.

Mum collected antique scent bottles and she described this one as "a rather lovely one". Image exposed onto cotton fabric.


Artist: David Jeffery

Location: Sweden

Title: “Save your inheritance”

Description: Cyanotype on paper


Artist: Alicia Persaud

Location: Santa Cruz, California

Title: "Growth"

IG: @aliciaxpersaud

Description: This piece is a cyanotype of dried plants I've collected over time on Awagami Factory handmade Tesuki Circle paper.


Artist: Margarita Skiadas

Location: Mobile, Alabama

Title: “Papou’s Garden”

IG: @Margarita_Skiadas

Description: Cyanotype printed using Inkjet negative on 12x12 inch piece of canvas fabric.


Artist: Keralah Taylor

Location: Mobile, Alabama

Title: "Our Bestowed Origin”


Description: Using flowers and other bits of foliage, I have created this composition to symbolize the womb, the place of origin where our first gift was ever bestowed: the gift of life and the beginning of our legacy.


Title: "Figure Holding Flowers"

FB: Vincent.sebastian.988

Description: "Figure Holding Flowers" is a digital collage. The background layer is a wet cyanotype that has been adjusted in Adobe Photoshop.The figure is a Victorian portrait, and is on its own layer. The background of the portrait is removed (erased) and the two layers are adjusted separately and to each other.


Artist: Inês Valente​

Location: Aveiro, Portugal

Title: “Memory”

IG: @inesrv Description: This piece is a toned cyanotype with coffee. Is part of a series of 8 cyanotypes.


Artist: Marni Myers

Location: Denver, Colorado

Title: “Points” Contact: IG: @mmyersphoto

Description: Cyanotype photograph made by applying a live botanical specimen layered with an abstract botanical photo negative on chemically treated watercolor paper and exposed to ultraviolet light.


Artist: Aurélie Mascart

Location: France

Title: "Home"

IG : @aureliesnts

Description: This cyanotype is an analog picture of a place which has been my home for a little while. A place where you can feel years of transmission and inheritance in all its shapes, from the objects collected inside to the smell it keeps over the years. Now, it has become a postcard, like a blurry souvenir.


Artist: Patricia Parsons

Location: Ottawa

Title: "Warplane Down" Contact: Description: Pretreated paper and painted. Digital negative used. This is one photo of many photos that I inherited from my grandfather. He was in France during WWII.


Artist: Ruchita Madhok

Location: Mumbai, India

Title: Learning As We Go Contact:

IG: @ruchitamadhok

Description: Grandson and grandfather out for a walk, learning about the world together.


Artist: Jude Kaye

Location: Asheville, NC

Title: “My Russian Roots”

Description: When I see this picture, it looks like I am seeing myself in my grandmother on her wedding day in Russia. Inheritance Indeed!


Artist: Caleb Busby

Location: Mobile, AL

Title: "River Bride"

Description: This piece is a cyanotype photogram with some digital brushstrokes added to make the image pop. It was inspired by the Lady of the Lake mythological figure as well as the concept of divine inheritance.


Artist: Marília Romagueira Calixto Barros

Location: Brasília, Brasil

Title: "entrada da princesa" (princess's entry)

Description: this piece is my first attempt at a cyanotype print in which a digital photo taken by me during a Ballroom event, of the LGBTQ+ community, shows on a 100% cotton cloth.


Artist: Gael E Phillips

Location: Brisbane, Australia

Title: “Ghost Nets”

Description: The concept behind this image is to call attention to the problem of ghost nets in the ocean, which are now part of our inheritance. Yet another ecological problem faced by the oceans in addition to the other problems currently facing the world. This is a cyanotype using traditional chemistry. Exposed in bright sunlight for 15 minutes on the 27th of September, 2023.


Artist: AJ Anderson

Location: London, UK

Title: “Inheritance”



Description: My grandmother’s necklace, and DNA, inherited by me. My necklace, and DNA, entwined with hers. My daughters will inherit both. Me, and all that came before me, and all that will come after me, are all inextricably entwined.


Continued. Please see Inheritance Part 4.

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