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More beautiful images in celebration of World Cyanotype Day 2023.

Artist: Kevin Rose Schultz

Location: USA

Title: “My Heritage”


Artist: Burcu Böcekler

Location: Istanbul,Türkiye

Title: “Lace”

Description: This piece is a cyanotype photogram on paper. One of the photogram series I created from my grandmother's lace.


Artist: Leilani Pierson

Location: Chicago IL

Title: “ Lacey’

Description: This is a light pink linen with cyanotype painted on and then exposed with black light and lace over the top for 5min at 5 inches away.


Artist: Katie Timko

Location: Dayton, Ohio, USA Title: "My Mother's Sugar Bowl"

IG: @timko.katie

Description: I am currently photographing three-dimensional objects by placing them between my UV light source and paper (various types) that have been treated with cyanotype chemistry. Transparent or translucent objects work best although I have had success with opaque objects as well. I enjoy the nuances and details that occur as the light passes through the glass items with all of their complexities of design and shape. I am using this process to create images of my mother's and grandmother's belongings.


Artist: Laurinda Bellew

Location: Wiltshire, England

Title: “The Old Button Box”

IG: @

Description: Cyanotype on repurposed vintage cotton fabric. This piece is inspired by the old button box inherited from my very thrifty Nan whose mantra in life was ‘make do and mend’. She saved buttons from all the family and from every piece of worn clothing that couldn’t be passed on. There are buttons in every shape, size and material from Bakelite to wood, spanning over 80 years. There is so much history in that old button box.


Artist: donna Moore

Location: Blaine, Tennessee

Title: “My Mother’s Button Necklace”

Contact: IG: @donnamoore32

Description: I used an ortho- litho negative on Cyanotype fabric. It was stitched with green thread.


Artist: Стефан Каменов

Location: Bulgaria

Title: “Grandmother’s Blue Memories”

IG: @stephankamenov


Artist: Kőhalmi Ildikó

Location: Hungary – Miskolc

Title: „Small Labyrinths” IG: @cyano.k.avix

Description: Lili Ország (1926 - 1978) is one of the most extraordinary Hungarian painters. Her Labyrinth series of 48 paintings is very inspiring to me. This cyanotype is a tribute to the artist’s cultural heritage. Paper and PVC binding covers cutting, classical cyanotype on watercolor paper.


Artist: Malayna Bryan

Title: “Edge Of Greatness

IG: @malaynabryanphotography

Description: Taken with Large Format Camera on 4x5 film. Printed on Watercolor Paper using Cyanotype.


Artist: Fernando Cruz Florez

Location: Laguna verde, Cachipay, Cundinamarca, Colombia

Title: "Ebb and flow"


Nature in Cyanotype - Fernando Cruz Florez. Pulses and Portraits of the Bogotá River: Translating Water Quality through Art and Science. How can a river’s aura be revealed? How does a wetland breathe? How is a river to be loved? How does a river spring? How can a cascade refuge a river? How can a river be sown? How is a river relished? How can a river be fathomed? For years I worked vintage photographic techniques together with experienced individuals who prepared their material and workshops meticulously. This experience has given me a foundation which allows me to experiment with cyanotypes and freestyle in the use of these chemicals to produce an interplay of multiple elements with the “aura” of waters taken from the upper, middle and lower basins of the Bogotá River. Thus arise the conditions allowing a location, a moment of time, the light and the inhabitants to express themselves in unique images that reveal the heart of the universe’s aura in an instant. In that very instant, elements unite in a convergence which explores the continuum between bodies of water, bodies of people and terrains as active subjects that create aesthetic forms, transform landscapes and shape memories.


Artist: Claire Lewis

Location: North Vancouver, BC, Canada Title: “From Anna … “ Description: Wet cyanotype on cold press watercolour paper. Additions of white vinegar, water, yellow dye-na-flow fabric dye. Dark shapes are actual dried algae samples, coated with gel medium. Anna Atkins began with making photograms of dried algae specimens. In 2023 she might find herself using fresh algae, the wet cyanotype process and adding some dried algae to embellish?


Artist: Maggie Hollins

Location: Inishcrone, County Sligo, Republic of Ireland

Title: “Inherited Talisman”

IG: @maggie.hollins

Description: This piece was dyed with Phragmites Australis then cyanotype solution was applied, then a negative of Phragmites Australis was placed on the prepared cyanotype material. The material was exposed to sunlight then bleached and toned with Phragmites Australis extract.

Brigid’s cross, an important Celtic symbol that is still used today, was woven from reeds and hung inside homes for protection against evil spirits.


Artist: Jacques Piette

Location: France - région Normandie (Granville)

Title: Chataîgner Remarquable

Description: Cet arbre remarquable (le châtaignier du Mesnil Drey), implanté depuis plus de 300 ans dans le bocage Normand, représente pour moi un formidable héritage. Gageons que nous puissions le préserver du mieux possible pour le transmettre aux générations à venir.

Le tirage à été réalisé sur un papier Arches aquarelle 185g fabriqué sur forme ronde - Exposition 15 minutes au soleil d'été - Format 56x76 cm.


Artist: Amanda Porter

Location: Utah, USA

Title: "Dot's Pillow"

IG: @unaccustomedbeauty

Description: My grandmother passed away a few years ago and a faded old crochet pillow case was found among her things and I claimed it as part of my inheritance. I gave that pillow case new life in this photogram cyanotype on fabric.


Artist: Walt Polley

Location: Minneapolis, Minnesota

Title: “gnarly root”

Description: New Cyanotype process. Image is a somewhat human formed gnarly tree root.


Artist: Colin Penley

Location: Maine, USA

Title: "Grandfather's Gift" Contact:

IG: @cyan_pen Description: Cyanotype of Gladiolas, a gift my grandfather brought my mother every August.


Artist: Antoni Nowak

Location: Warsaw, PL

Title: "Silhouette"

IG: @ sredniozkrowamamtrzynogi

Description: cyanotype print on paper.


Artist: Violet Vitória De Castro Pereira

Location: Taguatinga - DF - Brasil

Title: "Filha"


Description: Basicamente eu me inspirei em um processo que fiz de um trabalho instalativo e performático que eu plantei árvores de ipê por Brasília e enterrei cápsulas do tempo embaixo nela, sem a intenção de um dia abri-las.

O trabalho se chamava permanência pelo tempo e essa foto foi um registro da plantação de um desses ipês roxos com minha namorada que acabamos batizando de "Yvana" e eu senti que faz sentido com o tema justamente por se relacionar com "Herança" porque a ideia do meu trabalho foi deixar uma herança e um legado para as próximas gerações, já que os ipês só ficam adultos após 100 anos então eu não estarei viva para vê-lo.


Artist: Jacob Busby

Location: Mobile, AL

Title: "Blood Oath"

Description: I made a cyanotype photogram of my favorite Mortal Kombat character, Nitara. She is a vampire, and I like to think of vampirism as a form of inheritance since it is a curse passed on from vampires to humans.


Artist: Andie Dale


Title: "they should inherit the earth"

IG: @andiehsd


Artist: Jenn Wood

IG: @jennwoodart


Artist: Kate Heuston

Location: Baltimore, Maryland, US

Title: "Biorhythmic Sway"

IG: @kate.heuston

Twitter/X: @HeustonARTatCHS

Description: I created this piece in phases. The first phase I used a photogram of dried and decaying leaves, which I toned with green tea. The second phase, I layered more chemistry and exposed a digital negative of a moon photograph and photogrammed phloxes. The work is inspired by cycles of nature and how one season's rhythms influence the next, particularly in terms of bursts of energy and growth in various aspects of life as focus shifts and routines adjust within the broader scope of progress and time. In a sense, one season inherits the rhythms and growth of the previous season. A student of mine (I am a high school photo teacher) helped me name the piece citing the flow of the natural materials and the sense of being underwater, floating, or swaying with a tide.


Artist: Karen Auger

Location: Ottawa, CANADA

Title: "Fragile Earth"

IG: @auger.karen

Description: My work is an observation of nature, this piece focuses on environmental destruction.(Our inheritance unless we change) Cyanotype using collage of own images, on speedball paper 90lb gsm acid free.


Artist: Douglas Stockdale

Location: Orange County, California

Title: "Sublimation"

IG: @douglasstockdale

Description: We have inherited a beautiful and wonderful planet, but what are we doing with it and allowing it to become? My series, Last Iceberg, is a series of imaginary and futuristic landscapes that asks the question; what might the last iceberg look like if we do not reverse global warming?

This image, Sublimation, allows us to view an iceberg as it transforms from an icy mass to water vapor at the end of its life due to warming climate changes. The classic cyanotype printed on Revere Platinum hot press cotton rag uses a contact negative created from my original landscape photograph. (hint on the conceptual process: not a lot of icebergs are found on the Northwest Pacific coast of Oregon, nevertheless, some can magically appear with a little photo-judo, which is why this is my imaginary subject).


Artist: Josie Purcell

Location: Cornwall, UK

Title: "A Passport to Me"

IG: @josieshutterpod

Description: This cyanotype on fabric honours my beautiful mum.


Artist: Caroline Stealey

Location: UK

Title: “Granny’s Button Dish”


Artist: Meg Hooper

Location: Cardiff

Title: "Delicate Intricacies"

IG: @megmarcieofficial

Description: This is actually my first ever Cyanotype, I did a workshop at my university on 29th September. Although I made a series of Cyanotypes that day, this one which was my favourite. I gathered beautifully delicate foliage from the surrounding areas of my University. I then placed these in an arrangement I liked, some pieces overlapping others and let them develop in the sun for approximately 15 minutes.

The reason I chose foliage for the theme of inheritance is because I wanted to look at the theme more broadly and outside of the box. Most people think of inheritance literally as an object that is inherited from someone. Whereas I am very interested in sustainability and nature is ever growing and is inherited by each generation.


Artist: Hilary Denham

Location: Leeds, UK

Title: "Great-Grandad's Letter"

IG: @leedslilykirkstall

Description: A letter written by my great-grandfather to my grandmother, who had just left home to start work in another town.


Artist: Ned Lewis

Location: Sebastopol, California

Title: "Grandfather's Silent Key"

Contact: http:/

Description: The key my grandfather used to send Morse code as a radio officer on ships. Photograph taken with a 50 year old Micro-NIKKOR 55 AI-s that was my fathers.


Artist: Laura Kivela Schroeder

Location: Indianapolis, Indiana

Title: "The Ins and Outs of the Family Business"

Description: "Inheritance" made me think of how we sometimes wind up in the same occupation as our parents without necessarily intending to. I sprinkled small objects (pins and confetti) on a page from the business directory of the phone book to make this abstract photogram with delicate, intricate imagery on a page that is itself fragile.


Artist: Steve Lovegrove

Location: Australia

Title: “Feather”

IG: @darkarts_australia

FB: darkartsphotography

Description: Feather Cyanotype on old envelope with Italian text and stamp.


Artist: Joann Keane

Location: Charlotte, NC

Title: "Whisper Wisdom"

IG: @keanestudio

Description: This piece is hand-coated silk, with Pellon backing for stability. I photographed this Madonna in Saint George's Oratory, in Padua, Italy.


Artist: Janet Fine

Location: Santa Cruz, CA

Title: "seeping"



Description: The first cyanotype was exposed, then toned in a combo of nasturtium and marigold brew. Then another selective coating of cyanotype was applied. The application of cyanotype involved brushes, droppers, and a coffee stirrer.


Continued. Please see Inheritance Part 3.

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